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Canada Paid Surveys - Express Paid Surveys ( Review - Scam ?

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• Paid For Your Opinion $10-S175 Per Hour!
• Fill out simple 25-minute surveys! $10 - $75 Per Survey
• Participate in focus groups $50 - $125 Per Hour
• Surf the Internet - By The Minute
• Read email - By The E-mail
• Paid To Shop & Eat $10-$40 Per Hour!
• Go shopping!
• Eat at restaurants!
• Go to the movies!
• Go to an amusement park!
• Play golf!
• Take a cruise!
• Shop online!


• PayPal
• eCheck
• Credit Card

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Money Back Guarantee ? YES

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REVIEW: is one of the beautiest sites that I have known on my life... It's great and colorfull.

They have a full list of Paid Survey Panels, focus groups, mystery shopping, etc.

You can buy access right now and receive 50% OFF ( limited offer ), and an special bonus: AN AUTOMATIC SURVEY FILLER SOFTWARE, that you can use to fill surveys fast!

Let's see what's other people saying about :

Express Paid Surveys Review
By Brad Cra

Their interface is a very slick and professional looking one, the user area is one of the most excellent ones that are about today, also it is very easy to navigate and user friendly. They offer a lot of advice that actively helps their members achieve financial success; their members can sometimes receive up to 20 daily offers to take surveys that pay around $15 - $25 each. They also offer advice & tips to help members get selected for better-paid surveys & focus groups to maximize their potential earnings.

One very unique feature is that their members can rate all of their survey companies so you see only the best ones at the top of the list. Database Size and Fees:

The database is currently over 200+ and they are always actively keeping and researching and looking for the best opportunities available for their members. They constantly keep their site updateed and the database and you will not find one broken link. There companies are well researched and clearly marked by demographic, industry and subject so you can quickly find surveys and companies that match your interests.

Here Is A Quick List Of The Opportunities Available

Go to Express Paid Surveys Now

Get paid to take online surveys -$5 to $75 per survey
Get paid to participate in focus groups - $50 to $175 per hour
Get paid to try new products for free - $10 to $50 per product
Get paid to take phone surveys up to $5 to $95 per hour
Get paid to review movie trailers for $5 to $50 per hour
Get paid to drive your car - $8 to $35 per hour
Get paid to drive a new car - $3,200 per month

Go to Express Paid Surveys Now

Out of the load of sites about on the Internet this one seems to be way above the rest and they look after their members with the up most importance. They really look to get the best for their clients as well.

you need to be over the age of 18 for you to be able to do this. No matter where in the world you live, you will be eligible to participate in surveys.

Customer Service
They have a great member support area with lots of helpful advice and help. All your emails are answered quickly and politely.

Go to Express Paid Surveys Now

This is a great site that is highly recommend, the ease of use and the help and advice they offer is fantasist also the number of opportunities that are offered are well worth the small upfront cost. As the earning potential is very good as long as you listen to the advice that is offered and take your time to establish yourself. Once you get going you should receive enough surveys to keep you busy every day within time.

Go to Express Paid Surveys Now

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- Get Paid Doing Surveys Online! by Lan Christine

Get Paid Doing Surveys Online!
by Lan Christine

How about getting paid for something that you enjoy doing? Is easy work something that is right up your alley? Well let me tell you something that I have been fortunate to refer many of my friends to. It is taking surveys for companies and then getting paid by them. The idea may sound strange that a company would actually send you money in the mail without ever interviewing you for the position and accept the information that you have to share. Teh good news is this is happening everyday. Since the internet has arrived there are many people that are doing this.

You may of seen the scene at the shopping centre. Someone stops you wanting you to take a survey. They'll offer you money,gift certificates or prizes. That has been happeining for years, even before the internet revolutionized the way that surveys are done. This illustrates for you that companies are interested in finding people at random to get their input on product creation and updates.

Can you be part of this and receive the reward? The answer is YES! You can jump on the internet surveys band wagon and start getting paid for taking you simple surveys on products by random companies looking for you. Each survey you take can be as long as 5 minutes or take you an hour. The bigger the survey the bigger the reward or cash for your pocket book.

It's now time to stop dreaming about this kind of opportunity ans start reaping the benefits of it!

About the Author
Christine Lan is an experienced webmaster who frequently submmits highly read articles online.

- Paid Surveys And Statistical Odds by Scott Lindsay

Paid Surveys And Statistical Odds
by Scott Lindsay

Paid surveys may well be an opportunity many will consider when their personal economy is less than ideal.
I'd hate to know actual statistics for those who have flocked after get rich quick ideas. I have talked to many who indicate they have spent way too much time and far too much money on trying to develop moneymaking ideas that just never seemed to deliver on the golden promise.

In most cases you can read the fine print of the offer and learn that the glowing reports that filled you with hope were, "not typical".

This is also true with paid surveys. I honestly believe that the companies that perform online surveys do look for (and find) a satisfactory number of individuals to fill out their survey. However, the truth is they generally look for a very specific type of individual. Add to that the fact that the actual need for survey participants is a very small percentage of those who have filled out a profile hoping for pennies from heaven.

This concept is a bit like attempting to become an extra in a Hollywood movie production. If you're really interested you figure out how to sign up. If you want it with all your heart you'll show up on the lot and wait. Even after all that 'want to' you will likely still be sent home because you didn't quite fit what the producer had in mind for an extra.

The term 'paid surveys' is not false advertising. The truth is someone will take surveys and those individuals will likely be paid something for their time. These individuals could be paid in cash, they could be paid in products or they could be paid in a raffle ticket concept where one survey taker will take home a nice sum of cash. This happens when everyone knowingly forfeits his or her small payment for the opportunity to win a larger payment. Maybe I don't need to say this, but the odds never look good.

The only thing paid surveys can genuinely offer is a small bit of hope. There's the thrill of possibility, but as each day passes and no offers come to your inbox it becomes clear the hope was rented at best.

What's interesting is that for everyone that comes to the conclusion there is no real money to be made in paid surveys there are at least half a dozen more individuals pouring over a search engine looking for opportunities to develop an online profile for these same surveys.

I can't fault the survey companies much though. They deliver on their promise - surveys taken - payment made.

Maybe it's all the information that needs to be read between the lines. Things like the fact that not many survey respondents are actually needed, payments may be very small, payments may be in the form of products you may or may not need, or that they already have more people signed up than they can ever use.

I understand why survey companies would bring this idea to the Internet, but the idea has grown to something much larger than the reality behind it.

About the Author
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